Ex-Boozer Chronicles: After Work Dinner with the Booze Hags

After work the other night I rushed to meet my friends at a trendy Vietnamese restaurant on the other side of town. It was a Wednesday, and my work day had been very bearable with no major meltdowns or series of vacant stares out the window praying for freedom (usually these feelings were reserved for... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: Weekend Away with a GF

Last Friday night I headed to the airport after work as I was flying to Sydney to meet one of my closest friends. It had been a long week, and even though I was excited to see my friend, I could have just as easily gone home, put on my trackie pants and had an uneventful... Continue Reading →


I have always hated #metoo. The hashtag that is, not the movement. I felt it lacked the anger and power the movement deserved. I wanted it to be called #heyyou. Well actually, I wanted it to be called #oiyoufuckers but #heyyou seemed more PG rated. The problem I have with #metoo is that, to me,... Continue Reading →

The Ex-Boozer Chronicles

I was a complete boozer. Someone once referred to me as 'the booziest person I know'. That's how boozy I was. I was horrified when it happened, of course. I didn't want to be defined as the biggest boozer in Brisbane. It's not an endearing title like 'the most unpunctual person I know' (which I... Continue Reading →

I’ve Seen a Rock Before…

We had an hour until check out time. Giant was packing his bag with army precision, swiftly folding tops and placing them neatly in his bag. I was laying on the crumpled bed messaging a friend, and had managed to move my gear into a relatively ordered pile to sort through at some point. ‘I... Continue Reading →

A Mystifying Massage in Sri Lanka

He sat directly opposite us, his shirtless and sarong-ed figure on display as if we were viewing some sort of Ron Mueck sculpture. His belly was bloated like a man who needed to get his stomach drained after years of alcohol abuse, and his breasts laid on top like two pancakes resting on a basketball,... Continue Reading →

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