Ex-Boozer Chronicles: Dealing with BIG emotions without a drink

Emotions can be a bitch but without them we wouldn’t be human so I guess you’ve just got to find a way to deal with them. Ever since I was a teenager I’d used the ancient technique of drunkenness to alleviate the symptoms of human feelings. It was quite simple: at the moment of afflicted... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: The Spring Clean

The first day of spring was hazy. The air, not my head. This time. Things have changed a lot since last spring. The mild heat in the air reminded me that soon I would require less covering, and should really set about sorting out the thin layer of blubber that encased my body at the moment,... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: FOMO or ROMO

The funny thing about quitting booze is that you simultaneously don’t feel like going out all the time but you also don’t want to be left out. The other night I was sitting on the bed whilst my partner was getting dressed to head out for the evening. ‘Now that you are leaving I feel... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: Dancing in the Dark

Tonight I went to Dancing in the Dark. For those unfamiliar with the concept the title is pretty self-explanatory: you dance in the dark to music with a bunch of people. Funnily enough, I actually didn’t take the title so literally, and had thought it was broadly referring to dancing during the night-time, which indeed... Continue Reading →

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