The end & the beginning, but South Korea to start

In January this year I decided I needed a change. I had started to hate my job as a travel agent, which I had been doing for over 3 years, and everything in life had began to feel a little faded. Essentially, my life had lost its shine. I applied for my Canadian work visa,... Continue Reading →

Quirky festivals and events around the globe

Most people have heard of mainstream festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury but what about the more obscure ones like the Tubingen Plastic Duck Race Festival or Testy Fest? It would certainly be a party conversation starter when you mention how much you enjoyed the testicle festival in America. Even if it turns out to... Continue Reading →

The three amigos conquer Cuba

LAX airport. Terminal 2. 9am. The loud speaker overhead crackles into action, and an American accent delivers the news I have been dreading: "Hey folks travelling on UA151 from LA to Mexico City, we are sorry about the hour delay so far. The toilet door on the plane is broken and our engineers are currently... Continue Reading →

Road tripping Alaska style Part 2

To read part 1 click here  After waving Seward goodbye, we made our way inland to the small town of Talkeetna. Population 867. A town a bit like the theme song from Cheers, as I'm pretty sure everyone knows each other's names. And personal lives. Possibly even medical histories. En route to this idyllic town... Continue Reading →

Road tripping Alaska style Part 1

My brother Claude and I have wanted to go to Alaska since the year 2000, when we became obsessed with watching reruns of Northern Exposure every afternoon after school. Over a decade later and we finally made that dream a reality with our very own road trip around the southern coastline and surrounding areas. There is... Continue Reading →

Goodbye work, Aloha Hawaii

In May this year I won 7 night's free accommodation in Hawaii at a Hawaiian tourism evening. Pretty amazed by my brilliant luck, I decided to turn a week in Hawaii into an epic trip that also included Alaska, Cuba and LA. Why not? The travel gods had obviously been smiling at me to give... Continue Reading →

Skydiving Saturday

If you'd have told me 5 years ago that today I would be jumping out of a plane I would have laughed heartily in your face. Back then I had enough trouble sitting inside the plane, let alone willingly jumping out of it. When the idea of the skydive got brought to the table by... Continue Reading →

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