Ex-Boozer Chronicles: Top Non Alcoholic Beverages

One of the harder things about not boozing is finding a drink that isn’t packed full of sugar to partake in during social events. It can be such a bore having to walk around all night with a mineral water and lime, or worse still, a glass of plain water, especially when previously the only time people would’ve seen you holding a glass of water was when you were trying to slow down your alcohol consumption.

During the last 7 months I have compiled a list of my go-to’s when I’d rather glass myself in the chin than drink more bloody water. Unfortunately a lot of bars and pubs in Australia haven’t really caught up to the non-alcoholic beverage trend yet, especially in Queensland, but you might be lucky enough to find some in your local. I usually stock myself with one of the below for parties, dinners and picnics, and sometimes just because I can:

Non alcoholic beers

These are my fav, especially during the warmer summer months, when previously I would have been downing beers for Australia. My top pick is Sobah beers, as I’ve mentioned before. They are a craft beer for the non drinker, and are supremely tasty. Luckily they sell them at the bottle shop below my work so I often pop in to grab a few lime cervezas on a Friday night.

However, big brewing companies have also jumped on the bandwagon, ready to get their slice of the pie, and you can get Asahi Dry Zero and Carlton zero from the main supermarkets, as well as Dan Murphy’s. Dan’s also sell a tasty German wheat beer called Weihenstephaner. Pronunciation not included in this blog.


Kombucha is awesome, especially if you were/are a wine drinker. For me, its acidic taste somewhat replicates a glass of dry white, but is more palatable. It’s perfect for those avoiding sickly sweet beverages as the fermentation process gobbles most of it up. Kombucha has really exploded on the market so you won’t be short of choice. However, you can randomly get a bad one. The other day I tried one that tasted like I was drinking apple cider vinegar straight (retch), but there are so many options you can just move onto the next one. A fail-safe brand for me is Remedy.

A colleague told me that some bars have it on tap now so I’m looking forward to running into that. I’d take a wild guess, and say you’d find this in more hipster locations (here’s looking at you Bondi!).

Verjuice and soda

A friend introduced me to this during a picnic: Maggie Beer verjuice and soda water. Simply brilliant for wine cravings. Similar to the kombucha, the acidic nature of the unfermented grape juice is an awesome ring in for wine, and a doesn’t have the gross sweet flavour I find accompanies a lot of non alcoholic wine options. Throw a bit over your chicken, and then a splash in your glass. Voila!

Zhoosh up your mineral water

This is my favourite after work drink. I’ve created a little bit of a ritual around it, same as I used to with wine. I fill a stemless riedel glass with ice, squeeze a piece of lime and throw it in, then scoop the insides of half a passionfruit into the glass, and top with mineral water. A sprig of mint, and you’ve got yourself a delicious AF passionfruit mojito.

Ginger beer

Okay, so this one is sugar laden but it’s just so freakin’ delish it had to get a mention. I’m very partial to the Capi brand they sell at Dan’s and IGA. It’s spicy and refreshing, and goes down a treat with a squeeze of lime. Sometimes we all need a little sugar in our lives.

These are my top picks but there are lots of other great AF options out there, you’ve just got to find them. If searching for inspiration check out @soberinstyle on Instagram. She makes the most beautiful looking creations, and I want to consume all of them. Well, more correctly, I want her to come to my flat and make them for me, and then I will consume them.

Good luck on your quest to find the perfect AF beverage for you, my sober amigos. Let me know if you find anything amazing!

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