A year and a half booze free: What’s changed?

Today I had the day off so I purchased a few non-alcoholic beers on my way home from the city. It was only as I sat on the deck drinking one that I realised today marked one and a half years no boozing. The realisation made me notice I’d stopped counting. I no longer think... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: The driving license

Learning to drive: the ultimate step into adulthood. Well for this ex-boozer it is. For years I never thought about it, and almost wore it as a badge of honour. It was simply something I’d given up on 17 years ago when I'd decided I was a non-driver. I didn’t have a great desire to... Continue Reading →

Ex-Boozer Chronicles: Circus Classes

I’ve attended Vulcana Women’s Circus for over seven years now. It’s the sort of place you’d join after suffering a nasty breakup or the death of a loved one, or a bout of depression. Essentially it’s where you’d go if you wanted to run away to join the circus. Mine wasn’t quite so dramatic: it... Continue Reading →

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